Cinco de  Hustle

Buenos Dios from sunny California. The hustle was Bueno as well this fine day,  I love holidays like Cinco de Mayo.  Generally speaking,they give white folks and beige folks the chance to eat “ethnic” foods and do copious amounts of tequila inspired or based libations. Whether it be tequila poppers, margaritas, tequila lime Jell-O shots, or even tequila lollipops with worm in the middle. 

Scantily clad girls and guys insombreros, serapes , and the ubiquitous vaquero cross the shoulder ammo belts containing shot glasses promenade through bars  erupting with a “riva,riva ” now and again. 

The food is purely ( or not so) the modern gringo take on Mexican. Things taquitos, jalapeño cream cheese shooters, and nachos with cheesy sauce that comes from a jar or can. As the any Latino could tell you the food we consume is “na-chos” we lay no claim to it.

Holidays like this and Saint Patrick’s Day have taken a unique American, and now worldwide ( or your closest ex-pat bar) flavor. We can all be Mexican, or Irish for a day or as close as a watered down down stereo type can come ( Don’t drink the Water!). While all in good fun, arriving at one of these parties late into the night can show the ugly Americanization of such events; nothing like girl in a pancho ducking under a limbo bar while tequila is dumped down her throat. Viva Santa Ana missing her mouth and sloshing in her hair while she yells “riva riva” a señorita if just for una noche.

Here in California, where I was born and raised in San Jose, I imagine it to be a bit better than say the Northern half of the U. S. It is here  where the other side of the spectrum is evident here as well. Pretentious multiple course regional tasting menus with vertical tequila pairings set the stage for a true Cinco de Mayo. Get your reservations early as this gastronomical foray into  Cucina de Chiapas is a cultural culinary experience not to be missed. All of this complimented by a midnight Mayan offering of Xochital and Chilis, a top a Flan made from organic free range Oaxacan Toucan Eggs drizzled with  slow simmered raw Cajeta from Alpaca  Goats Milk. Ah, the pretension of the cultured Americans embracing diversity. 

Irish cuisine might be more of a challenge but with enough green beer anything is possible. While we identify with these parts of our diverse makeup through food and libations this week, one cannot help but think on the events in Baltimore and other parts of the United States this year. Why is it that the spirit and eagerness to celebrate these types of occasions cannot be applied to our everyday interactions with the folks we tend to marginalize or judge in a group. 

Again this morning with the Department of Human Assistance for authorization on my card. I sure am thankful for the River City Food Bank helping to get me through the weekend. Three more cheers for them.  Huzzah, Hazaah, Hazzaah. Well everything went well but the crowds were in force at the building. It being the first of the month not an uncommon occurance but  at times a nuisance, I don’t want to bet grateful though. I can only imagine the experience of working there behind one of the windows and the good times one of those crazy days can bring. I applaud the patience and kindness of the county employees who get to grin and bear it in the face of so many things. They are the unsung heroes of such programs. Thank You!
These folks have morphed over the years. From the newly arrived immigrant group thought to be taking valuable jobs from the group just before it- who suddenly are allowed into the larger crowd to bully the new group. There is a certain satisfaction in the once bullied when they can bully with the group that did it to them. Almost like they have made it and they have a superiority to beat down the next. They, being so close to that pain and often are the most ready to go the furthest, be the meanest, and most cruelest to assuage their own hurt. It is as if they can transfer to another all beaten into them, yet the pain multiplies with each group. 

I grabbed my first bag of groceries in a longtime at the local Mom and Pop. I had not been what one would consider a good customer for lack of resources. When I have funding I make a conscious effort to spread it around to different stores, willing to pay sometimes higher prices when I get to know the family that works the store is getting feed directly by my spending my money there. No middleman, payroll, human resources, team member number,  partner code but names that they’ve had since birth. 
It sure was good to see them. And of course they asked about the Poppa -Ji. I had to make a second trip the next day with the little bodhisattva so they knew he was in good spirits. He was excited as well, imparting  his tidbits of dogma  and eastern wisdom. Hold on I hear music from somewhere, maybe it’s a dance break.  That’s  when everything stops for a minute or two for a dance.   

It sure was good to see them. And of course they asked about the Poppa -Ji. I had to make a second trip the next day with the little bodhisattva so they knew he was in good spirits. He was excited as well, imparting  his tidbits of dogma  and eastern wisdom. Hold on I hear music from somewhere, maybe it’s a dance break.  That’s  when everything stops for a minute or two for a dance.


 Now the bullied groups are not even immigrants, but the weaker, noticeably different, disabled, sexual minorities, people, peeped on, those not just not dressed in current cookie cutter styles,  people living off the cast offs of others. Boundaries and guaranteed rights are thrown out, all the while the bullies cry that they are the real victims. They lost that name in when they made a conscious decision to pass it on victimhood which most of the bullies refused to accept yet were mockingly labelled victims the entire time. Again by the same who embraced the term immediately once exposed. Entitlement for those who feel entitled to everything.

Things now have reached even higher levels of shame and hypocracy as these events are not only publically embraced but profited from packaged, repackaged, gamed, and allowed to continue by those demanding its end with horror. Like the Ken Starr report, then Investigation on whether President Bill Clinton lied in a deposition under oath that turned into  a disgrace for those spending tax dollars to fund and publish in excruciating detail what could be said as unnecessary private personal details unneeded for the report .this document of hundreds of pages could have been cut in half by saying he had adult  relations with a woman who was not his wife, as it has nothing to do with the deposition and issue at hand. How did Chelsea Clinton get treated? How did Monica’s family get treated by the party being big contributors after this scandal.  This resulting in an impeachment proceeding vote, lying in a deposition?Is there a President who has not lied in front of the National media, or had an extra marital affair? 

 In the case of some a way out available for years, is denied to continue the shaming and profit. These people are not strangers to each other like in past. They are families and this is when cultures and civilizations fall. 

So when does it stop if the victims are controlled economically to remain in the shackles while the bullies continue to do the same thing over and over again. The end is either when one or the other is incarcerated or dead. Unless the chains are unlocked or the bully shot by a small David carrying a slingshot.

If the bully wins it goes to the next one in line just like it did before the last victim was brought forth. What has changed? The victim absorbs the centuries of abuse heaped on each group without the stain of bullying the next group. And then the bullies children take guns to school and play like their parents and the tv shows do, hearing that it is only a game. 

So here I am trying to hustle up the rent, although just as much has been already paid for these peoples debts they refuse to settle after using passwords and user IDs they knew were not given to them and not theirs.! After being confronted  about the bills most pretended it never happened except one tenant who offered to pay after approaching me telling me he had  been on the network. Is this my landlords problem, legally ? The court decides. If the manager gave the password out and advertised free wifi it is his problem. Should  he a kind man, be out this money from his family trust after his tenants or manager destroys other tenants by invading their privacy and then showing neighbors and streaming it to social media sights, claiming she was paid by a relative. While in the employ of the landlord and skimming cash off the monthly rent which was overcharged and only noticed when a check was written. 

One has to ask the question after repeated intrusions, privacy violations, evidence of hidden settings on the computer changed either with access to the device by keys to the apartment, or by remote access through another device and  streamed to outside the window, and a cell phone number programmed to receive the stream at least during the day when she was out showing people the stream handing out passwords to a site saying it was disgusting what they were doing. This to the neighbors who then had access to a feed that I had not consented to or knew about. Now that was someone’s hustle. 

I saw a disturbing sign of the times at the Welfare office on a door of the bathroom stall. It read ” kill a white cop today” I could not believe my eyes especially this in the welfare office where the law enforcement stationed there is fairly chill. Is this what things are coming to? When I mentioned earlier to someone they shushed me and told me not to talk about it! 

How can situations like this be resolved without some kind of a dialogue on a National level about what seems to be either an increase on ethnically spurred crimes and shootings of African Americans and the growing problem of school shootings which seem common place after 10 years when one or two shocked our nation. When will we tackle these problems that tear us apart. After we begin to remember that People of Color are so scapegoated, targeted, feared, therefore envied. We have Viagra now this should not be an issue anymore.