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Just got done perusing through EllisNelsonBooks blogs here on WordPress. What a take on the top trends I YA books. I am in agreement on the subject matter for the next books and trends in the YA book market and am looking at some of my writings in reference to such trends. What a refreshing topic list, looking through it I am so impressed with how far we have come in YA books and subject matter with so many of our formerly taboo subjects that have such relevance to today’s world. Mental Illness, gender identity, as well the the kudos to the authors who guide d through these stages of Pluto….thanks for the Blog.



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Publishers Weekly did an article earlier this month pointing out what they view as “hot” in YA this year. Those themes included horror, mental illness, gender identity, and the apocalypse. Of course, these trends reflect what editors and agents believe will be popular. It really says nothing about what the reader may actually want. Getting a handle on the reader can be difficult because good statistics are not kept and predicting the future is always tough. But, is there a way to get a feel for what will interest teens of the future? Maybe.

Recently I watched an episode on Gaiam TV where Regina Meredith was interviewing an astrologer. I’ve been interested in astrology off and on since I was a teenager, but over the past year or so that interest has become more intense and I watch quite a few YOUTUBE astrologers as they explain what’s going…

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